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About Nordic VR Forum

The Nordic VR Forum is a yearly VR/AR/XR conference and workshop organized by the regional business development institution Business Hamar Region and the business cluster “VRINN”.

Established in 2017, the Nordic VR Forum, under the aegis of VRINN, stands as a beacon of XR innovation in the Nordics. In collaboration with partners such as AgderXR, XR Norge, HelseINN, Sykehus Innlandet, and HINN, we're delving deep into the realms of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and the ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our mission transcends the mere recognition of these technologies. We're actively shaping their trajectory, ensuring that the Nordic VR Forum is an inclusive platform for all - from industry experts to those just beginning their journey into the world of XR and AI.

A significant part of our initiative revolves around real-world applications. Our strategic partnerships allow us to explore the transformative potential of XR in sectors like healthcare and education. Moreover, our exclusive awards ceremony, a first for the Nordics, celebrates the region's trailblazing VR/AR productions.

Central to our ethos is the close cooperation these businesses maintain with governmental and public services, as well as educational institutions across Inland Norway, the Oslo region, and the entirety of Norway. A prime example of this collaboration is the Business Hamar Region, a governmental institution acting as a regional business development hub for the municipalities of Hamar, Løten, and Stange.

Whether you're an industry veteran, a budding enthusiast, or someone with a nascent interest in XR and AI, the Nordic VR Forum welcomes you. Join us, alongside VRINN and our esteemed partners, as we navigate the confluence of XR and AI, driving innovation and fostering knowledge.

Become a member
Are you interested in being part of the VRINN cluster? Do you want to hear more about the possibilities or have ideas about a collaboration? Head over to

Other partners
The set up of the VRINN cluster and the Nordic VR Forum is supported by the “Regional Council of the Hamar Region” as well as the Innlandet County Municipality

We believe in sharing and in collaboration across borders and genres. Therefore, VRINN is cooperating with Agder XR and XR Norge from the Trondheim region. Feel free to reach out and discuss possible cooperation and/or participation with VRINN!

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