VRINN Awards

VRINN Awards will be the first award ceremony in Norway promoting Norwegian VR/AR creators and solutions. This call is open for projects developed between January 2016 and October 2021.

The VRINN AWARDS recognise outstanding virtual reality or augmented reality projects and their creators.

Overall Submission Criterias

  • A key talent in developing, designing or producing the XR experience must hold a Norwegian passport or have residency in Norway when the experience was produced

  • Since this is the first Nordic VR Awards, all productions developed from 2016 and onwards are eligible for submission

  • The person submitting the project must have legal rights to submit the project and image and video material on behalf of the project and/or team that developed the project.

  • Apply until the 3rd of November

  • Participants have to submit a descriptive text of the experience with video, PowerPoint or PDF.

  • APK and EXE can also be submitted but not a must.

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The award for Best XR Entertainment Experience is awarded to an XR experience that is engaging, fun or memorable, and that demonstrates both innovation and impact in advancing the future of XR entertainment. It can be a game, or a cinematic XR story or something inbetween using any of the many platforms available, such as a 3DoF or 6DoF VR experience, a mono- or stereo 360 video or an AR- or MR-application.

Submission criteria:

  • Engaging storytelling/storyliving (if applicable)

  • Memorable/fun factor

  • Innovative gameplay/interaction (if applicable)


The award for best 360 film is awarded to the 360 film that has good and creative use of 360 as a medium. 

Submissions can be mono- or stereo 360.

Submission criteria:

  • Engaging storytelling/storyliving (if applicable)

  • Innovative use of 360

  • Sound Design


Submission criteria:

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Poetry

  • Use of sound and image

Still there are relatively few art projects in Virtual Reality. But especially in the last year, digital art has gained a greater focus – by artists and in the media. Most cultural funds have also in recent years gained increasing focus on games and VR as an artistic medium. The award for best Norwegian, artVR will go to a project that shows the full potential of developing beauty through immersive sound, light and image.


Submission criteria:

  • XR of Norwegian origin produced between 2016 until present date

  • Social impact -Tech for good

  • Innovative content or/and form

  • Practicality & feasibility

  • Project implementation

XR Impact of the Year recognizes XR projects that has  succeed in making a difference in the field tech for good.
Changing the landscape of awareness through both solutions of innovation and excellence, well aligned to build impact and understanding. Key emphasis is placed on nominations that clearly highlight positive outcomes by making a difference.


Submission criteria:

  • Educational impact

  • Innovation and novelty

  • Implementation

The award for Best XR Experience for Education is awarded to an educational XR experience developed for or in the education sector or for educating professionals in enterprise or as an independent production made publicly available.

Submissions should demonstrate how their experience solves a problem or improve on challenges used in a traditional educational practice in a novel way. User studies or research should document positive impacts on the end users.
Projects should emphasize good XR user experience design including onboarding, navigation and interaction.


Submission criteria:

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Storytelling (if applicable)

The award for Best XR Student Experience is awarded to a Norwegian student or an international student studying in Norway that has produced an XR experience during their education at a post high school institution. The student project should show a technical or UX innovation or compelling storytelling or creative execution.


Submission criteria:

  • Innovation

  • Degree of engagement

  • Usefulness

  • Impact on improved health

The award for Best Health Experience is awarded to an XR experience promoting health. This could be for use in a professional healthcare environment, for patient self-care, or educational use for students of healthcare. The XR Experience can be a VR 3/6-dof experience, 360 video or an AR application.


Submission criteria:

  • Positive training effect

  • Cost effective

  • ROI for end user and/or client

The award for best XR simulator for training simulator is awarded to an simulator
intended to train employees within a sector, both public and private. Submission should demonstrate how their solution are changing or being more effective than traditional training. The solution should be able to show positive results within a more effective training or a more efficient acquisition of experience, safer training, or reduced travel costs.


Virtual production (VP) is “a broad term” referring to the unique intersection of physical and digital filmmaking. VP blends video game technology with filmmaking techniques into the pre-production and production process.

Submission criteria:

  • Innovative use of Game / Real Time Engine

  • Production has been screened publically

  • Virtual production has added significant value to the storytelling

The award for best use of Virtual Production is awarded to the Virtual Production that uses cutting edge technology to convey a story. Virtual Productions are productions that use Real Time engines where digital elements blend with the real world.

We accept live broadcast, movies / short films, art installations, architectural visualizations , and VP for previous productions.

Participants/companies may submit multiple projects, however, each project submitted must be an individual award application to be judged independently.


Submission criteria:  

  • Impact  

  • Innovation and novelty

  • Creativity 


The award for Best Marketing / Promo XR Experience is awarded to an XR experience developed for promoting a product, company or cause. The XR Experience can be a VR 6-dof experience, 360 film or an AR application


Submission criteria:  

  • Unfinished, but playable 

  • Intended for something bigger than the prototype/demo itself 


The award for Best XR prototype / demo award is intended to highlight those with small resources who want to show a great idea or concept.


Over the years, we have seen many potential solutions and concepts that really should be highlighted, and we know it is generally difficult to complete a product or solution without access to significant resources. 

Submissions should be able to demonstrate, in an understandable way, a concept, experience, product or solution, but not fully developed.


This prize is given to an XR production that impressed the jury, and is considered one of the most prestigious prizes. To be eligible for consideration for this award a production must be submitted to this years’ awards.