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Speakers for 2023

Here you find some of the speakers from VR Forum 2023!

Till Halbach

Works with applied research and innovation related to ICT. His research interests comprise UX design, digital inclusion, universal design of ICT, and diversity in technology.

Senior research scientist / Norsk Regnesentral

Magnus Sempler Holte

Leading AR projects in Anno museum for several years, where the goal was to explore the possibility of using AR in our open air museums. Now project manager for a new history centre at Domkirkeodden, unifying the museum and the state archive.

Head of Communication / Anno Domkirkeodden

Arnt Christian Scheele

Qvisten XTND is the extension branch of Qvisten Animation. He has over 20 years of experience in digital and interactive marketing and experiences from several of the largest agencies in Norway.

Commercial Director, Qvisten XTND

Yav Bonev

Born inBulgaria, Yav studied 3D animation in London and pursued an international VFX career in New Zealand. Later, he founded Animajor in Bulgaria, which after 12 years boasts 150+ international projects and leads in VR in Eastern Europe. Now, he's with the metaverse startup, TokaCity.

Owner / Creative Director - Animajor Studios

Scott Leaman

Leading European Mixed Reality consultant, Microsoft MVP for MR, and the MR Lead at Sopra Steria Norge. With 18 years in IT consulting across Australia, America, and Europe, he's been adding value to enterprises with VR/AR/MR for years. Since 2015, he's developed software for the Microsoft HoloLens, possessing extensive experience in MR project management, design, and development.

Mixed Reality Lead for Sopra Steria

Håvard Røste

Håvard’s goal is to use technology sustainably to make people communicate, work, live and connect better in a digital world. He has 25 years of experience from the intersect between media, tech and communication, and has been involved in the VR and AR scene and cluster development in Norway since 2017

Director, Technology & Data / Kilde

Anders H. Holm

Offering advanced 3D scanning technology, technical design and reverse engineering services for a wide range of applications and industries, including manufacturing industry, energy and offshore, construction, cultural history and museum and more.

Manager for 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Services

Sindre Grønvoll

After a long stint in the games industry working on numerous AAA games, indie startups and mobile games, Sindre moved back to Norway and co-founded Breach VR. Now he oversees a diverse team of artists working on projects ranging from games development, industrial applications and XR experiences.

Head of Art at Breach VR

Hege Solli

Department manager for Vest-Agder-museet.

Department manager

Kristina Steen

15+ years as an Archaeologist at Norwegian Maritime Museum. Expert in 3D-documentation of shipwrecks. Now partnering with KulturIT on a project hat aims to secure and highlight the cultural and historical value of traditional boats through developing standards for digitalization and functionality in eKultur. 

Archaeologist / Adviser

Kristian Mosvold

Kristian Mosvold is producer in Agder XR – a center and network for XR in the Agder region. He has also produced several XR-projects and films.

Producer at Agder XR

George Tsanov

George Tsanov is the Art Director at Incineration Productions, a leading game studio in Bulgaria. He's finalizing his PhD in Computer Game Design, holds a master's in the same field, and has over 13 years in 3D graphic design and 6 years teaching 3D Modelling.

Art Director

Michael Barngrover

The Managing Director of XR4Europe, Michael is an XR developer and researcher specializing in multiuser VR and cultural heritage. He's co-founded XR Türkiye and supports global XR communities like XR Crowd and the Indian Ocean Network. He's been a prominent figure at industry events such as Stereopsia, Laval Virtual, and VRDays.


Ellen Lande

Exploring new interactive realms through her artistic XR games, she's the director of acclaimed works like "The Digital Garden of Munch AR". Educated at the Polish film school with a MA in directing & cinematography, she has directed extensive TV-drama and numerous short films. Also an established film and art critic with 120 reviews.

Film & Gamedirector, Filmcritic

Malene Liavaag

An industrial designer, holds a B.Sc. from Høgskolen i Østfold and an M.Sc. from NTNU Trondheim.  Malene values VR for its design potential, using it for rapid prototyping and testing of large-scale products.

Product Designer

Bjørn Morten

 Experienced in startups and commercialization. As Fynd's CCO, Bjørn emphasizes simplicity and is dedicated to enhancing metaverse learning experiences, ensuring heightened learning and productivity for customers.

CCO Fynd Reality

Lars Peder Vatshelle Bovim

Assistant Professor at SimArena, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Lars Peder holds a Master's in Health Sciences from the University of Bergen, specializing in VR and gait variability during treadmill walking. He also leads Energisenteret for barn og unge at Haukeland University Hospital.

Assistant Professor at SimArena

Håkon Garfors

Håkon works as an innovator with focus on user experience and technology usage for the western hospital region of Norway. He is working on how Helse Vest can use VR in patient treatment and training of health personnel and patients.

Innovator at Helse Vest IKT

Cecilie Grydeland Lundsholt

Since 2021, Cecilie has been the artistic director and CEO of Teater Vestland. A Rose Bruford College graduate (2005), she has roles as an actor, producer, playwright, and director. In 2023, she debuted "Torn og Rose i Eventyrland," a play merging theatre with Augmented Reality.

The artistic director and CEO of Teater Vestland

Tobias Barvik

Since 1999, Tobias has directed films, commercials, and corporate videos. In 2014, he ventured into VR narratives for branding and museums. He co-founded Glitch Studios in 2016, with locations in Oslo, London, and Istanbul, producing premium content for B2B, museums, and education.

Co-founder Glitch Studios

Sven Inge Sunde

Graduated from the Norwegian Army Military Academy in 1987, served as an officer until 2005, was Dean at Hedmark University College for 13 years, and has led a major Norwegian museum conglomerate since 2018.

General director Anno museum

Thomas Michel

With 15 years of international experience in the building and design industry, he was an early adopter of VR technology. He continues to value it as an essential tool in an architect's toolbox. He has integrated VR into the design process and is currently designing exhibitions for Moesgaard Museum in Denmark.

Exhibition Architect

Amund H. Steinbakken

Advisor at Innlandet County Council in the departments of business and culture.

Educated as an archaeologist and have previously worked with the development of digital dissemination of cultural heritage and literature.

Working at Innlandet County Council with technology, games, XR, and cyber.

Advisor at Innlandet County Council

Silvija Seres

PhD in algorithm optimization from Oxford University, over 30 corporate and public boards where I have been the technical and strategic innovation advisor, an upcoming book on AI and many articles, books and talks on digital strategy. 


Per Øyvind Riise

Historian with 30 years practice in museum and cultural heritage fields - from web development, consulting, standardization and documentation, UNESCO world heritage, and museum management. Now leading Anno museum's Domkirkeodden branch in the Hamar region, collaborating with the National Archives to form a unified history center.

Museum Director

Espen A. Nordenhaug

Master's degree from Østfold University College and London Metropolitan University. Started at a museum enhancing their digital presence, then joined KulturIT in 2016, focusing on museum software development. Now a product manager for DigitaltMuseum, a platform where Norwegian and Swedish museums showcase their collections online.

Product Manager DigitaltMuseum

Søren Aagaard

 Holds master's degree in history and leads a skilled team at Grini Museum in Bærum. Søren is dedicated to presenting Grini prison camp's WWII history in a compelling way. Visitors to the Grini Museum should leave informed, inspired, and enthralled.

Site manager at Grini Museum

Aili Løchen

Developing AI-driven VR tools for social anxiety disorders and social avoidance. Especially post-pandemic: how can we create tools that help patients who find conventional exposure training too triggering? How can we make therapeutic interventions more accessible to those in need. 

Psychologist at Simli

Herman Gudesen

Educated in TV Technology at Inland Norway University (INN). Began as a Freelance Broadcast Technician, advanced to Project Manager at Trippel-M Levende Bilder, and then joined NRK. Progressed from Graphics Operator to the current role as Graphics Developer, showcasing expertise in TV graphics.

Graphics developer

Anne Ma Helland

Studied Film and Media at NTNU followed by TV Technology at INN. Launched into the broadcast industry with NRK as a Vision Mixer. After 15 years, transitioned to a leadership role, overseeing studio operations as the Head of Studios.

Head of Studios, NRK

Mark Mon-Williams

Director of Impact for Medicine at the University of Leeds and their Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research. Founded Centre for Immersive Technologies, leads the Centre of Applied Education Research, and is on Born in Bradford’s executive board.

Professor / Founder / Director

Maged Farrag

With three decades of experience, Maged merges creativity and technology to revolutionize storytelling. With a profound passion for igniting imagination and captivating audiences, he is dedicated to creating immersive and meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Digital media evangelist

Freek Teunen

Began with a VR project for handicapped theme park visitors. From 2018-2022, Freek advised companies on VR/AR and chaired the Dutch VR/AR association. Currently, he's the commercial director at Wintor AR tours, passionate about making AR and VR accessible to all.

Commercial Director / Wintor AR tours

Jan Aasen

A PhD candidate at the National Norwegian Advisory Board for Concurrent Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders (NKROP) at Innlandet Hospital Trust. This project stsrtet in April of 2022, and is planned to be completed by Feb. 2025. 

Psychiatric nurse / PhD candidate

Kyr Poskonoff

An XR specialist with 7 years in the field, completing 250+ projects for giants like Mercedes-Benz, IBM, and Netflix. He's associated with,, and Kyr is a regular speaker at events like AWE and XR Expo, and has authored articles and the book "Metaversions".

Co-Founder of LikeXR

Joschua Thomas Simon-Liedtke

A senior researcher at the Norwegian Computing Center, focusing on universal ICT design. With a PhD in image processing for color vision issues, he's recently been innovating in XR technology for primary schools, partnering with Norwegian entities.

Senior researcher

Tone Lise Dahl

Specializing in knowledge management and competency development.  8 years of experience in XR for organizational learning and training, serving as a project manager, developer, and researcher. Holds a BA in Administration and Leadership and an MA in Knowledge Management, with further studies in ICT for learning technologies.

Senior advisor at Statens vegvesen

Rasmus Bisgaard

NVIDIA's Danish visionary, leads metaverse collaborations. With over 5 years in AI, Rasmus drives significant transformations. Join him to explore NVIDIA's innovative, AI-powered industry solutions and dive into the metaverse revolution.

Country Manager, NVIDIA

Magnus Jones

Benn pivotal in introducing Norwegian authorities to the Metaverse. Speaker on digital trends, he co-founded the Norwegian Computer Society Group for Blockchain, is part of the Oslo Blockchain Cluster, lectures at notable institutions like BI Norwegian Business School, and advises the UN on crypto matters. Member of INTERPOL's Metaverse Expert Group.

Nordic Blockchain & Innovation Lead at EY

Anita Abaisa

Social entrepreneur, who challenges societal norms with her ventures and vision. With background in account management, positive psychology, and Learning & Development, Anita has driven transformative changes. Founded Black Ladies Talk, Europe's largest network for Black women, and Gladiator Academy. Committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Social entrepreneur - leveling the playing field in society

Marie Edin Solheim

Preschool teacher and vocational teacher in youth and childcare. Artist, woman, cat owner, mother of 6 children. Swedish and Norwegian. Committed, interested, and curious. :)

Preschool and vocational teacher

Tonja Joseph

With a master's from NTNU in cybernetics and robotics, Tonja is a product developer experienced in embedded and autonomous systems. She spearheads Inventas' VR initiative and believes in VR's potential to bridge understanding between clients and developers. She has also applied VR in creating physical products.

Product developer

Christer Gjerstad

Christer harnesses VR for treatment of mental health problems such as PTSD and anxiety. He's currently heading the development of RecoVRy, a VR-based exposure program helping people with psychosis overcome daily challenges.

Clinical psychologist at Forsvaret and OUS

Andreas Seierstad

Andreas is a research and development nurse at Oslo University Hospital and PhD-student at Oslo University. His thesis will be based on findings from the VR Oslo pilot/feasibility study. 

R&D nurse / PhD-student

Luyi Sun

With a B.S. from Huazhong University and an M.S. from KTH Royal Institute in Sweden, joined the PriMa-ITN under EU-Horizon-2020 at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. . Luyis research focuses on data protection, information security, and machine learning.

PhD Candidate

Siv Lena Birkheim

Phd candidate Inland Norway University of applied science and Innlandet Hospital Trust. University lecturer in nursing.

Lecturer, Phd candidate

Meisam Taheri

An expert in software and control systems engineering, with a master's from Staffordshire University, UK, and a Ph.D. from Gifu University, Japan. Dr. Meisam is at the forefront of combining Virtual Reality (VR) and Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) in projects, merging his skills in software engineering and robotic game technology to explore VR and BCI applications in multiple sectors.

An expert in software and control systems engineering

Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland

Professor, founder and leader of the Innovative Immersive Technologies for Learning (IMTEL) research group and VR lab at NTNU. Ekaterina has been working with educational virtual worlds and immersive technologies since 2002, with over 100 publications in the field.

Professor, founder and leader

Bianca Severin

Based in Vienna, Austria, Bianca specializes in 3D software for participatory, impact-driven urban planning. Her current endeavor centers on harnessing VR to optimize Urban Analysis, aiding architects in preliminary project phases.

Multimedia Developer and Architect

Helge Bjordal

With a programming education from Bergen Ingeniørhøyskole and expertise in MS server systems. Began programming sims in 1984 on CBM 64. Founded his first company in 1987, focusing on programming and visuals. Dabbled in XR since the mid-90s and is keenly interested in XR's potential in the metaverse.

Chairman/owner of Nagelld

Manuel Messner

Started his entrepreneurial journey with an e-commerce store at 18 and sold it after 5 years. Later, he co-founded MAZING, turning it into a top AR SaaS. His proficiency earned him speaking opportunities at prominent events like OMX and the German retail association.

Co-founder at MAZING

Susanna Calvert

With 15 years overseeing technical solutions in the Interpreting Department, she has a BA in Norwegian as a Second Language from the University of Oslo and is nearing completion of her MA in the same field. Currently teaches for the BA in Public Service Interpreting at Oslo Metropolitan University. 

University College Teacher

María Abad Colom

Holding a PhD from the University of Alicante and an MA from the University of La Laguna, Maria is an editor for the European Society for Translation Studies Newsletter. Her research delves into English as a lingua franca, technology, and pedagogy.

Assoc. Prof. at Oslo Metropolitan University

Athena Demos

A luminary in the XR world with over 20 years in event production. She ventured into the metaverse, creating BRCvr, a virtual Burning Man Experience. Recognized for impactful projects such as Breonna’s Garden and Pride has no borders. She's currently blending VR with real-life Burning Man footage for a unique storytelling experience.

Co-founder and CEO of Big Rock Creative

Are S. Vindfallet

Making View has a 13 year track record related to developments within the VR space. Today we digitalize health procedures and train professional health employees on a daily basis.

Founder at Making View

Markus Haraldseid

With a Master in informatics from NTNU, specializes in VR for mental health. Markus has led projects on performance anxiety for student organizations, psychosis treatment at OUS, and various other VR-based interventions for mental disorders.

Co-CEO of Fornix

Ole E. Flaten

Teacher at the Game School in Hamar since 2003, specializing in programming and game engines. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. that explores the use of VR technology in the Norwegian health sector, with a focus on VR training to improve the social participation and quality of life for individuals recovering from mental health and substance use disorders.

Teacher/taking a Ph.D.

Floris van der Breggen

With a background in psychology and computer science, Floris is the founder and CEO of SyncVR Medical, Europe's largest XR platform for healthcare. Inspired by his early experiences in dementia care at 15, he established SyncVR Medical in 2019, which is now the leading standard for XR in healthcare.

Founder and CEO of Sync VR Medical

Marianne Neraal

Background from the Norwegian Parliament; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen; the United Nations Headquarters in New York and the Mission of Norway to the EU in Brussels.

Public Policy Manager Norway, Finland, Iceland - Meta

Kim Baumann Larsen

Viewalk, offers fitness gaming on mobile devices. With over 28 years in the industry, Kim as an architect and XR designer has been creating innovative AR and VR experiences and serious games since 1995.

Co-Founder and COO of Viewalk

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