About Nordic VR Forum

The Nordic VR Forum is a yearly VR/AR/XR conference and workshop organized by the regional business development institution Business Hamar Region and the business cluster “VRINN”.

Following the smart phone revolution in the late 2000s many experts predict VR, AR and MR (often dubbed as “XR”) to be the next big technology shift. All the big tech players are investing heavily in XR. Various forms of wearable AR glasses and other devices are predicted to be everywhere in just a few years of time.


It’s all about enriching and expanding the physical world, giving people quick access to information everywhere, at any time. Accelerating knowledge transfer is the key.

Norway hosts several industry-leading companies and businesses working within the VR/AR content development hemisphere. Among those are developers, programmers, designers, creative artists, photographers, digital entrepreneurs and more.

We believe those businesses are extremely important when it comes to creating new jobs for the future. They play a central role in the great paradigm shift the world is currently experiencing due to digitization and automation.

These businesses cooperate closely with the governmental and public services as well as with educational institutions in the Inland Norway, Oslo region and rest of Norway. Business Hamar Region is one of the governmental institutions who is acting as a regional business development institution for the municipalities of Hamar, Løten and Stange.

Become a member
Are you interested in being part of the VRINN cluster? Do you want to hear more about the possibilities or have ideas about a collaboration? Head over to VRINN.no.

Other partners
The set up of the VRINN cluster and the Nordic VR Forum is supported by the “Regional Council of the Hamar Region” as well as the Hedmark County Council.

We believe in sharing and in collaboration across borders and genres. Therefore, VRINN is cooperating with VR Oslo and XR Norge from the Trondheim region. Feel free to reach out and discuss a possible cooperation and/or participation with VRINN!

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Business Hamar Region and VRINN are a proud member of The VR/AR Association (VRARA). Are you interested in becoming a member of VRARA as well? We’ll be happy to help out and tell you more! Follow VRARA Norway on Twitter.

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